Update on Zedi and Hellen Hospital Bills

Dear Friends,

I wanted to share with you the update on the hospital bills. The total amount we put on our credit cards for them is about $4900. So far we have received $1611. We are still believing for the amount of $3289 to be supplied in full. If you would like to help out with any amount toward that, you can email Encouragers@neb.rr.com or call Encouragers Unlimited at (402) 261-3592 or donate online with your credit card or PayPal account at kingskidsvillage.net . Thanks for your help in that…
The picture is us on our 25th wedding anniversary (this past Tuesday, Sept 25th) as we renewed our vows before a pastor friend (John Bonacorsi) and the team he is leading a mission trip to KKV next month…

Also, we have made a new brochure as well as a KKV update video that we have brought back to the US. If you would like a copy of both or either, please contact us at the above mentioned contacts and we will get you a copy. You will love the happy, settled and peaceful kids you see… Our plans are to be in St. Louis from Friday the 28th till Sunday the 7th. We then take off for Kenya to arrive October 10th. We’ll try to update you once more before we fly or as we have news for you…

Jon and Molly

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