Back in the USA

Well, our trip went well and we are enjoying precious moments with the family in our home town (or as they say in Kenya, our shags). The weather is hot and humid compared to Nairobi, so we realize how spoiled we are when it comes to weather…

This has been a challenging season for us at Kings Kids Village, with Zedekiah being sick and in hospital with high blood sugar and high blood pressure. He is out, but is challenged to keep up the payments of his new medicine.

Also, one of our kids, Helen, spent over a week in hospital with a broken leg. Her bill was right at $4,000. It has been challenging for us in that we had to put those two hospital stays on our personal credit card due to some financial challenges we have been having at Kings Kids Village lately…

God is and will provide all these needs we have. Last year proved God’s faithfulness to us in a new measure of faith building miracles of finance. We know He has not forgotten us as we do His work to take the forgotten children He has led to us and see them flourish in His care.

Thanks for praying for us and as the Lord leads you, a contribution to the cause…

We will keep you posted. Jon and Molly in USA

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