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About Encouragers

Encouragers Unlimited is a non-profit organization who’s main vision and goal is to encourage people, wherever and whenever God enables us to do so.

Job 14:9 says, “…yet at the scent of water it will bud and put forth shoots like a plant.”

1 Thessalonians 3:2 says, “and we sent Timothy to visit you. He is our brother and God’s co-worker in proclaiming the Good News of Christ. We sent him to strengthen you, to encourage you in your faith,”.

We believe that one simple act of encouragement is like a scent of water, bringing strength and encouragement to the weary. Encouragers Unlimited started as a ministry to young pastors and evangelists in the US, Europe and Africa. Dad and Mom Stern were known as Papa and Mama to many pastors and missionaries. Their legacy continues to strengthen the Body of Christ and others through Kings Kids Village, Sudan Reach and Encourages Unlimited – Europe. These ministries continue the work of encouraging ministers, orphans and students from war torn areas in their faith, strengthening them towards the fulfillment of their God given purpose.

Paul & Eleanor Stern

Our founders, Paul and Eleanor Stern, have been in the encouraging industry for over 60 yrs, lifting up the hands of ministers who are weary and just need encouragement. In 1988, God spoke to Paul and Eleanor to begin to travel and encourage ministers all over the world, and Encouragers Unlimited was born.

Paul went home to be with the Lord in 2013. What a legacy he has left behind to all that knew him and were touched by the warmth and love that poured from his life.

Eleanor, now in her 90’s, is staying closer to home. She has settled in an independent living section of a retirement community  in Lincoln, Nebraska near her grandchildren (Solo and Sarah Mwania) and their tribe of many great grandchildren; but her heart is still in Kenya, continuing to pray for and uplift the legacy of encouragement at King’s Kids Village, a family-modeled children’s home started and funded through Encouragers Unlimited. Eleanor continues to live out the truth that you’re never too old to follow God into His purpose for your life. Out of that understanding, she has written a book…  “Never too old”… Available on Amazon. 

Jon & Molly Stern


Encouragers Unlimited is currently directed by Jon (Paul and Eleanor’s son) and Molly Stern. Jon and Molly have served in Kenya since the mid 1980’s in various capacities in connection with church planting and development.

In 2002, they helped Paul and Eleanor establish a keystone of Encouragers legacy, Kings Kids Village, located in Nairobi, Kenya. Jon and Molly later assumed the mantle of Kings Kids Village (2006) and of Encouragers Unlimited Ministries (2011).

From 2012 to April 8th, 2018, Jon and Molly served on the pastoral team of Nairobi Lighthouse Church, while  remaining in oversight  both at both Encouragers Unlimited and Kings Kids Village. They saw the grace of God for that very busy, yet fulfilling season of their lives.

Jon and Molly then began the process of transitioning Kings Kids Village over to a younger generation of leadership. That included coming back on full-time for a season and grooming Tray and Lydia to eventually lead KKV.

In April, 2019, Jon and Molly stepped aside for a yet unknown duration of time. They are presently living in the US on sabbatical and to help their last-born twins get settled into American life. They currently live in Redding, California. Since then, Tray and Lydia have graciously assumed the the roles and responsibilities at the helm of Kings Kids Village.

Tray and Lydia Murundu

Tray and Lydia have been with us in the vision of Kings Kids Village since before they married in 2011. Their journey onto our leadership team has been one of patience as their hearts have longed to be at our side in ministry. Tray officially joined staff in January, 2018 to being the process of transitioning into leadership on the KKV Team. Since April of 2019, they have been set in as official Directors of Kings Kids Village for the duration of Jon and Molly’s time away (see the above article). They presently serve as Directors of Kings Kids Village. 

Please pray for them in this endeavor and added weight of responsibility.

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Encouragers Worldwide



Our efforts in Kenya mainly consist within our family centered home for orphans and vulnerable children in Nairobi, Kenya. At Kings Kids Village we currently serve over 45 children who are in various stages of their journey to adulthood and fulfilling their God given purpose.

South Sudan

South Sudan

Since 2010, our hearts have been moved with compassion for the people of South Sudan. As we dream of establishing a presence within the nation, we are presently helping mentor and educate a few young South Sudanese men to serve God and their homeland in significant ways.



Ever since a joint church planting venture in the 1970’s, Jan and Meis Barendse have been a part of the Stern ministry family. They are now following in the footsteps of Paul and Eleanor (their spiritual parents) in bringing encouragement to pastors all over Europe and beyond.



Since establishing Encouragers Unlimited Europe, Jan and Meis Barendse have also extended the ministry of Encouragers  to Israel. In a land with so much religious, political and social turmoil, there is great need for their ministry of counsel and encouragement.

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