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“Encouraging Literacy and Christian Education in South Sudan.”

Sudan Reach is an Encouragers’ ministry that seeks to address the felt need of literacy and education in South Sudan through Christ’s compassion and Kingdom solutions.

We are in the dreaming stage of our journey into South Sudan. We dream of literacy and Christian education… We dream of an opportunity to impact a whole new nation with the message of the Kingdom of God and the Good News of Jesus. (read more about our dreams below)

Why South Sudan?

A little history…

South Sudan is the world’s newest republic.

For over half a century, Southern Sudan has been one of Africa’s most hostile regions. Civil War waged by an Arab dominated northern Sudan had plagued and oppressed the people of Southern Sudan since the early 1950’s, a 60+ year conflict. Many of Africa’s darkest tales of horror have come from within this region: Civil War, rampant tribal and ethnic violence, genocide, child-soldier recruitments, Islamic government militarily targeting known Christian regions, extreme poverty, and widespread famine. Worldwide, there is an approximated 4.5 million displaced sudanese (refugees). 75% of these refugees are displaced within their own nation.

In 2004, The United States and several members of the African Union bartered a peace agreement with Sudan. One of the agreed terms of peace was a referendum in the South opening up a peaceful path for the South to separate from the rest of Sudan and become a sovereign nation. On July 9th, 2011, the Republic of South Sudan was born.

To say that South Sudan has had a difficult start at nation-building, is an understatement. Civil war broke out in 2013 pitting the two largest tribes against each other in a struggle for political power. Since then, several cease fires have failed, but in 2020, peace finally prevailed. On 22 February 2020, rivals President  Kiir and Vice President Machar struck a unity deal and formed a coalition government. Read more…

We are praying for South Sudan, that this coalition government and peace will prevail so they can once again focus their efforts and aspirations on nation building. We believe the doors of opportunity will soon open for literacy and education.


According to Unicef, South Sudan’s education indicators remain one of the worst in the world. Nationwide school attendance has risen since South Sudan became it’s own nation, but not nearly enough for any impact on society.

It’s estimated that only 34.5% of adults in South Sudan are literate. 70% of children in the nation have never set foot in a classroom. Of the 30% that have, only 10% of them actual complete primary school. When it comes to higher education in the South Sudan, well, there is none.


Much of these statistics exist because of the lack of infrastructure in the region. Before independence, the government of Khartoum largely neglected the area economically.

At it’s independence, South Sudan had only 50 kilometers of paved roads in the entire region. Progress has been made since then, but the nation is still vastly considered rural. The majority of the nation still has no electricity, no running water, and no means of transportation other than by foot. Getting to school is likely one of the top reasons why school attendance is so low, along with lack of resources.

Step One: Serving South Sudanese Students

Helping them get prepared to serve their nation.

Since 2012, Sudan Reach has been involved in sponsoring and mentoring a few young South Sudanese men as they aspire to finish their education and serve their country.

Peter, Alfred, Arik, Eric and Rachel

Our first student to sponsor was Peter Malou from 2012 to 2016. Peter graduated with a Law degree from the Catholic University of East Africa in Nairobi. He now serves with a Non Governmental Organization in his home area (Rumbek) working to ease the suffering of victims of gender based and domestic violence. We are very proud of the man he has become and are privileged to be part of his story.

Along the way, we have sponsored several young men, including Alfred Dum as well as Arik Machar, who completed his Bachelor of Science at Mount Kenya University. He is now serving in the government of South Sudan on the team of the Attorney General. This sponsorship program has been successful through our beloved church family of Nairobi Lighthouse Church and also by partnering with with Eric and Rachel Leightman and their non profit, Gleanings of the Harvest.

Currently, we are not sponsoring any South Sudanese Students. If you would like to give into our  Sudan Reach, check out our Donate page and scroll down to Sudan Reach…

Dreaming about South Sudan

As await our opportunity, we continue to dream of South Sudan.

Why South Sudan? We hear this question from many people when they hear us open up our hearts and share of South Sudan, the newest nation on earth. Molly and I have invested our lives and energy into the Lord work in Kenya since the mid 1980’s. We were staying focussed and staying in our lane, serving the children of Kenya. We never thought our hearts would beat so passionately for South Sudan.
It all changed when our church family in Nairobi sent a missionary to Sudan to plant a church. As we prayed for and supported the missionaries up there, we heard of the need for literacy. Then, one of our amazing mothers at Kings Kids Village decided she wanted to see what God was doing in Sudan. So, she just got on a bus and three days later, was in Rumbek. When she came back she was so excited and burdened for the people up there it was the talk of our whole KKV family. So, when her next vacation time came up, she went back to Rumbek and dis-appeared. For four months, we heard only that she was ok… That is when we made a rescue plan with her family to find her. Her son in law, John and I went up there for ten days that changed our hearts forever.
During our time up there, the elders of our host village arranged for me to meet them at the site of some land they said they wanted to give to us. The gesture seemed nice enough, but I was not prepared for how much land they were offering to give us. You see, in Sudan, they don’t measure land by acreage but by road frontage. Our conservative estimate was about 3,000 to 5,000 acres of land these people were offering to us. Their plea was but one. “Please come help us.”
What they meant was spoken in their obvious need for literacy. You see, our mama was caught up there for four months at the request of the military officers plea for her to teach them how to read and write. The village elders asked me if I would come back. I said, I can’t now, but, God willing, I will one day come back and see what we (with God’s help) can do to “help you”. As much as we try, we cannot get these people (or my promise) out of our hearts.
We are dreaming a dream much bigger than ourselves or what we can do. It will take God and a lot of resources to see this vision come to action. But we are dreaming and God is talking… He tends to talk into my prayers… One of those prayers is that the Lord would someday establish a Christian University right on that property. Who knows? God knows. But, for now, we are dreaming about literacy… Who wants to dream with us?

Thank you!

Your support makes this possible!

We are believing that the combination of education and mentoring will form great men for South Sudan’s future. Please join us in prayer and financial support as we invest in this young nation.

We believe!

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