Dear Friends,

Kings Kids Village is fulfilling its purpose. Out of the forgotten, children are coming to find help, but much more than help in a physical sense. They are coming to belong; to find meaning; to find purpose; to find the purpose for which they were created. With the addition of our two newest Kings Kids, we now have 31 children who are being propelled into a meaningful life in Christ to face the challenges of the new millennium which their generation will shape and influence. A few years ago, I came to the realization that it is not a matter of if we will influence our generation, it is a matter of how we will influence it. As Molly and I grow closer to grand-parenthood, we realize that our greatest work is to influence toward godliness the young minds and hearts that God brings to us. These children are our greatest opportunity to influence a generation that may never know us personally. If we can connect with these kids and develop in them some godly character, that will propel them to influence their generation on to that of their children’s children, long after we have rested in the Lord. Ask yourself, how are you influencing your children’s generations?

Jon at KKV

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