Paul and Amy Wed

Dear Friends and Family,

Words cannot express the joy we feel in our hearts over the joyful wedding of our second born son, Paul, to Amy Johnson. Paul and Amy are happy and falling all over themselves in love… What an awesome blessing we are experiencing in seeing our children make Godly choices in the most important areas of life.. We have also fallen in love with our new family… Amy’s parents are like family in feeling as well as fact. We are excited also to have them planning a trip to come and see us in Kenya next year. The most important thing to all of us was the presence and glory of Jesus at the wedding. I believe that Jesus was lifted up and honored in that occasion and by the choices that Paul and Amy have made in this time of life. We are standing with them as they continue to live for Him and seek His direction and presence in their new home… How unsearchable are the riches of Christ and His lordship in life..

Jon and Molly

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