Touring Soibet, Sudan

Dear Friends and KKV Family,

It has been my sticky privilege to be in Southern Sudan for the last four days. I cannot begin to tell you all the first impressions I have gotten of this place. It is unique in many ways. One way is the heat… but weather wise and just in the amount of AK 47’s one sees in a day. I am told that number has greatly decreased in the last year…

I have come with three missions. One was to connect with our House mom from Apartment C (Janet) and to discover why her two week trip last October turned into a 3.5 month sojourn… Two to see land that has been promised us for building an ACE school. Three to spy out a medical clinic and guesthouse that is about to need a medical staff toward the end of this year…

I will write more later, because I have to go right now and see the properties… More later as I get the chance…


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