Back home in Kenya

Dear Friends and Family,

I am writing this post back in the comforts and safety of Nairobi, Kenya, where Molly and me run a home for AIDS related orphans… For those who have been following my blog, you saw my last post from the village of Suibet. I was able to post from there because of the wonderful facility we had the privilege of staying at that was built by a German medical relief organization called Diakonie. They are set up not only with satellite Internet, but with satellite TV. But you cannot possibly be impressed by this unless you see the environment in which all this was set up. All electricity of Southern Sudan runs off of generators. They, too have a generator that runs in the evening. But they also have electricity inverted from the power of 24 truck batteries which are re-charged by solar panels. This powers both computers, the Internet sattellite dish, the TV, one lighting point for each of the guest houses and two refrigerators in the dining room..
I have decided that I need to write a separate blog about Sudan, so I can keep updating all interested readers and also, so I will not forget the details of the incredible experiences of Southern Sudan. My hope is that my attempts at writing that blog will give others a window into the new world I had heard about for many years, but have now discovered.
I will post the link as soon as I get the new blog started… Jon Stern

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