This week at KKV

This past Saturday, July 17, a television program was aired discussing alternative education options for Kenya. It was a panel forum discussion concerning the challenges in the education system in Kenya. Molly and Christen were part of the forum.

Molly spoke as a homeschooler representing the ACE (School of Tomorrow) curriculum, which is the method of teaching used here at KKV. She explained the benefits of this style of education. They are as follows: 1) students can enter at their current level and progress from there. This is particularly good for us as our kids come from diverse backgrounds. 2) The ACE curriculum teaches character development as well as intellectual development, something that is lacking in many schools currently. 3) The students are taught to set goals and develop a sense of accomplishment and self-confidence as each pace is completed. The viewpoints were well received. Molly did an excellent and professional job in her representation.

Speaking of schools, I have one word for today: Progress! We have been working diligently toward getting a new school building built. Today the city planner came out with Charles, our contractor. We made payment for “change of user” from residential to institutional. Our next step is having the City Council of Nairobi approve our drawings. When that is completed we will begin to break ground. To God be the glory! Please pray for favor with the City Council to have this accomplished quickly

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