This week at Kings Kids Village

Saturday was a wonderful day here at Kings Kids Village. A team of 12 ushers from Nairobi Lighthouse Church came to hang out with the kids. They spent 4 hours playing with the kids including a game of soccer and time on the playground. They also brought a gift which was used to purchase food for each house. There was also a food donation made by a couple from NLC. God is faithful to bring provision at the right time.

We have been blessed this week with some new volunteers. Ian is a returning volunteer from the UK, and he brought two members of his youth group, Emma and Merryn. They arrived Monday and will be with us for a month. Some of the things they will be doing are chapel, art classes, working with the preschoolers, rubbing paces and just loving on the kids.

During our weekly chapel we had a visit from Pastor David Chung of Nairobi Korean Church. He loved all we are doing here with the kids, and especially enjoyed the way they freely worship God. He brought a donation from his church of pens and notebooks for the school. Many thanks to God and to our brothers and sisters for their thoughtful gift. It is awesome to see a supernatural God working through natural people to accomplish supernatural things.

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