This Week at Kings Kids Village

It has been a great week here at Kings Kids Village. Last Friday and Saturday two of our KKV girls, Judy and Essy, along with Kristen and Anna Stern were part of an outreach team from Nairobi Lighthouse Church to the Sunshine School for Boys. They were part of a drama and also a choir which performed a song written by Kristen. The focus of the outreach was to show the effects of media on the culture and had a local DJ who has recently been born again as its main speaker. It was very well received and made a lasting impact on all who attended.

On Sunday the much anticipated launch of the Kidz House cd surpassed all expectations. Sunday morning church services at NLC included all the amazing decorations for the launch; many thanks to Vanessa for her hard work in helping to prepare them. Praise and worship was amazing and included the Kidz House worship team. Pastor Don spoke from Psalm 78 on the importance of training our children. A staggering statistic he shared was that in our zone of 25 nations, as of June 2010, there are a total of 184,966,223 children under the age of 14 years old. This group is 41% of the population of Eastern/Central Africa. What a huge responsibility and amazing opportunity we have to change the world by reaching out to and teaching our children. My God give us vision to reach them.

I Can Change My World was the first children’s worship cd released in East Africa. Sunday afternoon was the launch extravaganza. There were over 2000 people in attendance. The air was filled with excitement as people began gathering. There was face painting for the children and food and drinks for all. Thirty-two of our KKV kids were featured on the cd, singing “Close to You”, a song written by Eleanor Stern, one of our founders. Sixteen participated in the singing and drama during the launch. They did an amazing job. Many lives, from young to old, were touched as the kids worshipped God. The cd sold out with orders being taken, and we are believing God for the message to be heard around the world.

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