This week at Kings Kids Village

It has been a very busy week here at Kings Kids Village. Excitement is building for the launch of the first ever Kidz House cd from Nairobi Lighthouse Church, entitled “I Can Change My World.” Thirty-two of our Kings Kids have been involved in this project, and will be exclusively featured in one of the songs. It has been a huge undertaking with months of hard work and commitment. This past Sunday eight of our kids were part of a video that was shown on local television announcing the July 4 cd launch event. There will be drama and games, face painting, dancing and of course singing. The event is open to the public, and is intended to be a community outreach event. The kids have been praying and fasting, believing God for many salvations that day.

The cd will be on sale July 4th only for 500 ksh. After Sunday it will be 600 ksh.  All proceeds from the sales will be used toward the purchase of Kidz House, the children’s Sunday meeting place. After 22 years, Nairobi Lighthouse Church is purchasing its first building. The kids from NLC, including our KKV kids, are committed to buying 4,291 square feet of the building. In addition to the cd proceeds, many of our kids are making personal contributions by collecting donations and selling handmade items to help achieve this goal. Another way KKV has helped in this effort is by having an ongoing garage sale. This week alone 5000 ksh was raised. It is wonderful to see the level of participation and ownership in this church-wide program.

On a sad note, this Friday we will be saying goodbye to Vanessa. She has been volunteering here since June 1. Vanessa has helped tutor kids, rub paces and given art classes. She has also assisted in preparing decorations for the cd launch event this Sunday. Her heart to serve and love for the kids has blessed us. Until next time…

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