This Week at Kings Kids Village

Momma Tabitha returned yesterday from a trip to her home. She took Judy and Sifa to visit their relatives, and also Andrew so he could have an outing with her. While there, Tabitha was helping to rescue a one month old baby, trying to find him a home and also doing paperwork. During the visit home, an Auntie and a cousin of Judy and Sifa passed away. Please pray for comfort for them in this difficult time. Judy stayed behind to attend the funeral. Also pray for her safe return.

I am also proud to announce that Sue has completed her ACE training. She received 4 awards, the most in her class, and finished all of her paces two days before the end of the training session. She is already preparing her classroom for this semester and is excited to teach here at KKV.

Four of our boys went on an outing this past week also. Davis, Jimmy, Clifton Alex and Sammy went on a three day wilderness camping retreat with other boys who were in their soccer clinic. They went swimming and hill climbing, swinging on a rope swing, hiking as well as other activities. While hiking they were learning about God’s creation and their responsibility to help preserve it.

Today Zablon, our head of maintenance, is teaching some of the older boys how to build a house for our baby rabbit. It is great to be a part of a place that encourages such well rounded character development.

  • Vanessa Redensek

    oh me, oh my!
    It feels like I havent even left! Reading your blogs I feel as if I am there with all of you!!

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