This Week at Kings Kids Village

On Saturday we bid a fond farewell to Ian, Emma and Merryn. They came from the UK and were volunteers for a month. They blessed the kids with their great Bible stories, games and crafts. They were also a great blessing to the school by disguising and rubbing paces. We wish them God’s best and hope they will return soon.

Beginning Monday August 9 and ending Wednesday August 18, Sue Christie is attending an intensive time of training at Faith Ventures Academy. While there she will be learning the ACE program, the style of teaching required and some administrative education as well. Sue will be joining the school staff here at KKV as of the upcoming semester. As a former high school English teacher from the US, she will be a great asset to both the children and the school.

Speaking of school, I (Jim) have been driving Sue (my wife) to school every morning and picking her up at the end of the day. It has been one way for me to get used to driving (on the “wrong” side of the road ;0) ) here in Kenya. On Thursday as I made a right hand turn to enter the school, a car attempted to overtake us and slammed into the rear panel of our van. Thankfully no one was injured, and we are saying more than ever “Thank you Lord for keeping us safe.” That was not the way I wanted to begin celebrating my 4th wedding anniversary with Sue, but the day ended with a very nice dinner for 2 at the Windsor.

  • Dad & Mom Crassi

    We hope that the person who hit you will cover the cost of all your repairs. Do people have to carry insurance on their automobiles there or is it optional? Praise the LORD you are safe, sound, and not rattled.

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