This week at Kings Kids Village

July 31st was the closing day celebration here at Kings Kids Village. This year we chose to have it on a Saturday so many friends of KKV could attend. Our kids did an amazing job with the program. The program opened with four of our girls leading praise and worship. Then we were amazed as four groups of kids recited their Bible verses. It is so awesome that at a young age they are memorizing large portions of the Bible.

What followed was a Kenyan adaptation of “The Prodigal Son,” written and directed by the newly engaged Tray and Lydia :0) From the opening dance through the closing scene, it was a blessing to be reminded of God’s love for us.

Molly and Jon handed out certificates to each student for either academic achievement or character development. The smile on each face spoke volumes of the affirmation the kids receive, both at home and at school. Many thanks to the teachers and house parents for doing such a wonderful job of teaching Godly values by word and example. We ended with a time of fellowship over tea and cake.

It was also a week that brought changes, both to KKV and the nation. On Monday Lydia returned to the States to continue her schooling. While here over summer break she selflessly gave by teaching a first aid class, helping with computer classes, helping around the house and giving rides, singing on the Nairobi Lighthouse worship team, and much more. She will be greatly missed.

On Tuesday we had a retirement party for Joseph Soo. He served as a security guard from November 2002 through July 2010. He and his family came and he was honored for his years of faithful service.

Wednesday Kenyans voted on a Constitutional Referendum. Many prayers were lifted up believing God for peace in the nation regardless of the outcome. We are grateful to report that those prayers have been answered. While we may wish the outcome of the vote were different, we are confident because God is sovereign and in control.

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