This Week at Kings Kids Village

This week we harvested our first honey. Some months ago we purchased a “bee box” and moved a nest of bees into it. One of our groundskeepers, John, went out at night and scraped the honey from the combs. John comes from a family of bee keepers. The honey was so sweet. We sent it away for processing, and will be enjoying it very soon.

Around 10 of our kids have been putting in several hours a day all week in preparation for “System On Hold,” an outreach event held at Nairobi Lighthouse Church. Today is the event, and they were out the door at 7 AM. We are anxiously awaiting to hear all about it when they return.

Holiday sports are winding down as this school break comes to an end. The teachers have had their preparation meeting for the beginning of this term. Both teachers and students are excited for opening day, which will be Tuesday.

We also have seen how God comes through, not too early and not to late. A neighbor who has passed by frequently decided to stop and pay us a visit. She and her daughter were very impressed with the dynamics of our campus. The next day they returned and blessed us with 12 bags of flour and 2 large boxes of cookies for the kids. Things have been a bit tight in the budget, so we thank God for His timely provision.

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