This Week at Kings Kids Village

It has been a very busy week . The Club 8:12er’s (age 14 and up) have been having many practices for their upcoming concert. Our older kids are part of this evangelistic outreach hosted by Nairobi Lighthouse Church. The event, called “System on Hold,” will be held next Friday at church. There will be drama, song, poems, spoken words as well as eating and music. They have been fasting some meals and believing God for souls to be saved. I’m sure it will be an awesome event, and I’m looking forward to the great reports next week.

In addition, many of the kids continue in their school break sports. We have activities going on 6 days a week. The kids are doing well in their soccer and volleyball tournaments. The older boys have been introduced to weight training and rugby, and are expressing interest in continuing with them. We are believing for some sports equipment as we open our new school. The school is doing very well. It is exciting to see the roofs on all 3 buildings, and we can’t wait for the opening day.

We are looking forward to Jon’s return next Friday. We thank the Lord for keeping him safe during some severe weather in St. Louis.

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