This Week at Kings Kids Village

There are times when school breaks can be a challenge. For many children, having structure keeps things going smoothly; ours kids are no exception. Sometimes we have a team of volunteers here to provide activities for the kids, but not during this break. This April was a great time for a miracle!  Nairobi Lighthouse Church had a 3 day camp called “Character Breakout” for 10 to 14 year olds from Wednesday through Friday. As the title implies, the focus of the camp is to teach godly character. The kids arrive at 8:30 and leave at 3:30. The challenge for us is that we have many kids in that age group, and we did not have the extra money to send our kids. They were disappointed but understood to an extent. One of our girls, Nancy, had called relatives and raised enough to pay her own way. When she found out that the other kids could not go, she gave all of her money as an offering. On Monday we received a call from the church office telling us that they would sponsor 8 of our kids. That was an awesome miracle! The challenge was that we had 9 kids who were eligible to go. Miracle number two happened on Tuesday when our cell link leader called and told us they would sponsor one of our kids. We are so blessed by a faithful God and a church that loves and cares for our kids.

Many of our kids are also participating in sports activities over the school holiday. Coach Mim from Ahadi Home has organized daily activities to teach the basics of track and field, weight lifting, volleyball, basketball and rugby, in addition to their regular football schedule. The boys already played in a volleyball tournament, and there will also be football tournaments. It is so wonderful that our kids have an opportunity to interact with other kids in healthy competition. We say thank you to Coach Mim for giving of her time and talent to bless not only her kids from Ahadi Home, but also the kids from KKV and Rehema as well.

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