This Week at Kings Kids Village

Many thanks to all of you who have been praying for us this past week. God has heard your prayers, and this week has been much better.

On Saturday, we had a team of 20 ushers from Nairobi Lighthouse Church come to KKV in the afternoon. Originally they had planned to serve during the dedication, but even after it was postponed, they decided to come for a couple of hours. During their visit, they split into teams and cleaned all the windows in two of the apartments as well as helping out with other cleaning. They also spent some time with the kids, playing soccer and other games. We are blessed to have a church that loves to serve, and we are grateful to the usher team for their acts of kindness and love.

We changed our chapel day to Tuesday this week so that we could say farewell to Dr. Bill (Grandpa) Hensold. He has been here for three months, and been a great blessing to all of us. During his visit he has rubbed paces, diagnosed ailments, listened to kids read, spoken into the kids’ lives, and so much more. While rubbing paces with one of our volunteers, Grandpa shared the Gospel with Willy and Willy gave his heart to Jesus. We are very grateful for the model of servant leadership that Grandpa has shown, both in his actions and words. He will be missed.

Wednesday was Willy’s last day here with us. He has come for many days and spent many hours rubbing paces, as well as listening to the kids read. He was a blessing, and we hope he will visit us again.

The school term is coming to an end. The kids are finishing up their pace work, and preparing for the next term. It has been a good semester, and our kids continue to work hard in their schoolwork.

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