This Week at Kings Kids Village

This has been a very challenging week here at KKV. There have been two funerals this week. The first was for a distant relation of the Stern family. Their relative came here to Kenya to bury his dad. The second was even more difficult. A 14 year old young lady from church committed suicide. She was friends with some of our girls. They attended the funeral today. It was a real wakeup call as to how brief our lives are here on earth. We must live every minute of every day for Jesus. He is the only certainty in an uncertain world.

We have also gone through some staff readjustment. Life is full of twists and turns, but God is always faithful.

On a brighter side, the steel roof rafters are in place on the first section of the school building. The work is progressing nicely, and the front wall continues to progress as well. We are grateful to see God’s faithfulness through every circumstance.

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