This Week at Kings Kids Village

We have good news this week. Evans was released from the hospital on Monday. He is home and doing much better, although not yet back in school. Please continue to pray and believe with us for his complete healing.

On Wednesday all of Apartment D had a high tea with representatives of 2 churches that help sponsor them. Lewis, from Charity Christian Center, and Ken and Arlene from Lincoln City Church, have been in Kenya for a month working with another ministry friend, Basket of Hope. They spent their last 3 days here at KKV. They were so happy to see the joy on our kids faces and the great environment they have to grow up in. They took our thanks and greetings back to their churches as we bid them a fond farewell.

Over the last couple of months we have been so blessed to have a volunteer from the UK named Matthew. During his time here he has tutored many students in Math and Science, as well as rub lots of paces and listen to the kids read aloud.  He willingly did any task he was requested to do. We bid a sad farewell to Matthew on Thursday, but we are excited to hear that he plans to return in December for another visit.

As you may know, starting this school term we have been doing different events and studies for the kids on Friday afternoons. A big thank you to teacher Florence for organizing a sports day for the kids. She sought out and made arrangements for some volunteers to come spend the afternoon playing some games with our kids. Even as I am here writing I can hear them playing in the ball field. I think I’ll go check it out ;0) Until next time…

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