This Week at Kings Kids Village

Construction has been moving along very well on our school building. We are almost ready for roof rafters over the entire school. Along with the school building there is construction of a new section of fence being built next to the road. In time we hope to have it extended across the front of the property as well.

Our new volunteers, Terri and Paula, came on Wednesday with arts and craft supplies to spend time with the kids. We divided the kids into four age groups, and each group spent a half hour creating a card with banana leaves and construction paper. Terri and Paula will be continuing art classes as well as reading with the kids.

We were also blessed on Wednesday by having Miss Makenna speak at our chapel service. She encouraged us to not throw in the towel, but to throw in the salt. This was from the story of Elisha who threw salt into the bitter water at Marah and it became good to drink again.

Today has been very difficult. This morning we had to take Evans back to the hospital. He is very sick and weak and we ask that all of you would continue to agree with us for his total healing.

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  • Shireen West

    I have been praying for Evans. Jesus is his healer. He has been put into the healing hands of the Lord in prayer.

  • Mom & Dad "C"

    We are in agreement!!! If God is for us (Evans and all of us) ‘it does not matter who’s against us!’ Satan is the only one who is not in agreement. “I announce to you that your were totally defeated at the Cross. Remove your hands from Evans!!! In the authority of Jesus of Nazareth, King of kings and Lord of lords, I cast you out! AMEN!

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