This Week at Kings Kids Village

We were so happy to meet Paula and Terri, our 2 newest volunteers. They will be coming every Wednesday to do painting, arts and crafts with the kids. The kids will be divided into age groups and given 30 minute classes and time to create. It is great to have this “extra” that is not available in school.

It was a treat to have Grandpa Hensold speak at chapel this week. He explained how important our blood is, and gave us some insights as to the properties of blood, examples of bringing oxygen to the body and removing some waste also. It was great hearing the parallels with Jesus’ blood. Thank God for the new life that Jesus blood provides for us, and for the wonderful cleansing from our sins.

Today we have our mid-term break. The kids have gone to Rock City to swim. They love the chance to have an outing to go swimming. It’s great to have an inexpensive but fun place close by for the kids to go.

The building is coming along very well. We are seeing window frames and preparations to put the roof on. For any of you in the area, our dedication will be held on March 26th. Thank God for His faithfulness and favor in this wonderful endeavor.

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