This Week at Kings Kids Village

It has been an eventful week here at Kings Kids Village. One of our boys took a fall off a bicycle and injured himself. The next day he was complaining of pain in his side. A couple of days later he was feverish and vomiting. We took him to the hospital. A surgeon drained some blood and liquid from his lung, although the x-ray didn’t show any broken bones. He is doing alright, but still in the hospital due to some other complications. Please pray for a speedy recovery.

On Wednesday evening one of our employees was returning home from a prayer meeting at church. She and the lady who was driving her home were carjacked at gunpoint. They were threatened and their money and phones were taken. While in the car they told the thieves they were returning from church.  By the end of the ordeal the thieves asked for prayer to get jobs so they no longer had to steal. They left the ladies in a coffee field to find their way home, completely unharmed.  After they found someone with a phone, they called Jon, and he went and picked them up. They went to the police station and reported the incident, and then Jon took them home. Thursday morning the car was recovered, and even an ATM card was under the seat. Thank God for His miraculous protection. He truly gives His angels charge over us.

The walls of the school are going up rapidly. It won’t be so long before the ceiling is put on. What a joy to see what God is doing. He is great, and greatly to be praised.

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