This Week at Kings Kids Village

It has been a challenging week having Evans in the hospital. What is so heart-warming is the willingness of so many to spend time with him. He has had someone with him for the entire week and a half that he has been there. Yesterday they removed the drainage tube from his lung. We just received word that Evans will be discharged from the hospital today. We are grateful to God to have him returning home to us. Thank you for your prayers.

The kids got to spend an afternoon harvesting the maize corn. Teachers and kids alike were out in our field picking the maize. The harvest is divided equally between the four houses. It is so wonderful that the kids get practical application in agricultural studies as part of their training.

Today the Ministry of Roads came to KKV. They are building a roundabout next to our property, and want a small section of our land. It seems that they are willing to give us a piece of land slightly larger than what they are requesting. Because of this we will be able to put up a nice diagonal wall to the front of our property, and at some point build a half wall with decorative iron bars across the front. God has given us favor, and we are grateful.

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