This Week at Kings Kids Village

Sunday afternoon, after a time of praise and worship, the kids were treated to a great surprise. Life Church International in Bloomington, Indiana purchased as well as made clothes for each of the kids.  Each package was labeled and sized for every individual child. All the packages were delivered to Grandpa Hensold’s house. He and his friend Jane Spenser carried all the packages over in their suitcases. There was such joy on the kids’ faces when they received their gift. God has looked down on His kids here at KKV and smiled once again. He cares for the orphans.

We are finishing up our first week of the school term. The kids are happy to be back, and ready to learn. Starting this term the kids will enjoy a variety of academic and physical activities on Friday afternoons. As an example, today we are taking all the kids swimming at Rock City, a small amusement park with a nice pool. We are going in two shifts so there are lots of adults present. The kids have been waiting a long time for this, and are super-excited. We, as adults, hope we have the strength to survive their enthusiasm. I know everyone will have a wonderful time. So it’s off to the pool we go. Until next time…

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