This Week at Kings Kids Village

We were blessed by 25 members of our cell link coming for a visit this past Sunday.  They blessed us with a catered lunch and spent some time playing games with the kids. “Santa“even came with a gift bag for each child. They also blessed each of the house parents with a gift. Once again we say a big thank you and God bless you to our Nairobi Lighthouse Church family for loving and blessing our kids.

Jon and Jim took 6 of our kids to the Bata Shoe factory. They gave us a great tour and showed us how many types of shoes and boots were manufactured. We then loaded up the van with shoes for each of the kids. You may recall that some friends in the US did a fundraiser so that each child would have a much needed pair of shoes for Christmas. Then there was Molly’s divine appointment with the Managing Director of all the Bata Shoe stores. Because of God’s faithfulness and the generosity of many people, each child received not only a pair of dress shoes, but a pair of sneakers, flip flops and a pair of socks as well. Thank you Lord for multiplying the gift! On our ride home we all stopped to have some fries, sausage and a soda, and just hang out together.

On Wednesday we had a couple from France come and talk to us about recycling. They showed us how many types of plastics can be recycled and used to make a fence post. They also showed us how some kinds of paper can be shredded and then compressed into a brick. The bricks can be burned instead of using charcoal, which saves trees. We were encouraged to continue sorting our trash and recycling.

Three of our senior high kids have just returned from a Club 8:12 church retreat, and 11 of our junior high kids are now on a retreat with the Ignite church group. Please believe with us that each one would have an encounter with God.

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