This Week at Kings Kids Village

We were startled by a loud crash early last Saturday morning. After getting out of bed and looking around, we wondered if we were dreaming and went back to sleep.  When we were awakened a few hours later it was to the sound of chain saws. There were a few trees in the area designated for the school that needed to be removed. As I went to see how the guys were doing on the trees, I noticed that a large tree limb had fallen in the area where we usually park KAT, our van. The amazing thing is that on Friday we sent the van with our driver to a Roadshow sponsored by the Children’s Department. The purpose was to create awareness of child abuse and child trafficking, and give phone numbers for people to call. Because the van was gone until late, it was parked in the driveway instead of its normal place. We thank God that as we were a blessing, we were blessed by having the van unharmed, saving us many thousands of schillings in repairs. In addition, the guys were there to cut up and remove the branch right away. God is good!

Thursday morning was closing day at Rehema Pefa Orphanage where Fatuma has been attending school. The kids put on a program, and Fatuma and her two classmates performed a dance. She was awarded a certificate and also received a book as a gift. We are so thankful to our friends at Rehema, and very proud of Fatuma.

Today fourteen of our kids went to the Chandaria Paper factory on a field trip. They learned the value of recycling paper, and how it was reused to make paper products. They also heard how it protected the environment by reducing waste and saving trees. After the tour of the factory each of them was given a booklet explaining the recycling process in more detail, as well as a gift bag containing four rolls of toilet paper, a package of serviettes and five packets of drinking chocolate. It was a great learning experience.

On a final note of rejoicing, Charles, our contractor, has the signed and approved plans for the new school in his hands. We have watched this week as trees have been removed and more foundation stones have been unloaded. Now, with the signed documents, building can actually begin. God is faithful!

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  • Roger Crassi

    We are rejoicing with you and all the KKV residents and staff for HIS protection and provisions.

  • Karuga J

    Thanks for Your hospitality Jim at Yesterday’s NLC work team visit. Well and our Mini Rowdy Minor League Soccer Outfit we quickly patched up was quite fun plus the frog. In our next visit we will all go pro and play on the bigger field. God Bless love the blog God Job.

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