This Week at Kings Kids Village

We want to welcome Jon and Tray back to KKV after their trip to Mombassa and Lamu. They had a great trip and left Christen in Lamu for her 3 month mission trip. We can’t wait to hear her great reports.

We would like to say a heartfelt thank you to the Gateway Kids from Texas. They held a Vacation Bible School and raised $2500 for Kings Kids Village. I love when God uses obedient children to do such amazing things in His perfect time. We had a great time producing and sending them a video to express our gratitude. The kids were so excited to be able to say thanks “in person” by means of video.

Jim and Sue have received the news that their work permit has been approved. This is a big step after waiting on government approval since June. They are so grateful to Pastor Nelson and Nairobi Lighthouse Church for all their efforts in bringing this about.

School is going very well this year. One of the great things happening is that the kids have morning devotions with Baba Zedi and Mama Mary before they start their school day. God has been doing wonderful things in these times of devotions. It is such a great thing that the children are hearing the Word of God in their houses, in chapel time, in morning devotions, in school and in church. What a blessing to be part of a generation being filled with the Word of God and raised up to be world changers.

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  • Roger Crassi

    The WORD OF GOD in our schools in America is the Basic Ingredient that is missing in our Country’s educational system. “After you kick GOD out, it ALL goes downhill.” Moi

  • molly

    thanks for the great job, Jim – you da best!

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