This Week at Kings Kids Village

This entire week, nineteen of our kids have been preparing a presentation for Sunday. Nairobi Lighthouse Church is featuring Kings Kids Village as its mission focus for this month. The presentation is entitled “Extraordinary” and is in keeping with the theme for this year at NLC. The word extraordinary is used as an acronym, with each child sharing a word from their letter, describing first God and then themselves. For example, the first child is holding up a poster with a big E on it and he says, “God is extraordinary.  He is Eternally Enthroned, the Enabler, Edifier, and Encourager…the Exalted One!  Our Everlasting Father!”  Then he continues, “I am extraordinary.   I am eager, encouraged, equipped, effective and efficient, enlightened and entrusted.” They will also be quoting Phillipians 2:1-18. After the presentation, Jon will be bringing the Word concerning the need to reach the unreached people groups of the world. It will take an extraordinary people to lay down the comforts of life and go where none have gone before. We are blessed to be raising a generation that will go and fulfill Jesus’ command to be a witness in Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria and to the ends of the earth.

We also have great news about Fatuma. Our friends at Rhema Pefa orphanage called and told us that they wanted her to come in and be evaluated by their special education teacher. Fatuma was so excited to go  there and will be attending school every day. When we went to pick her up from class today she would not leave without “homework.” The teacher let her bring home her tablet, pencil and crayon to practice writing the letter ”A” and color some shapes. We are grateful to Rehema Pefa for providing this wonderful opportunity for our Fatuma Joy.

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