This Week at Kings Kids Village

We have really missed Tray this week. He is our resident genius at keeping the computers running. Our kids are blessed to have computer classes, where they learn typing, measure their reading speed and test their comprehension. It is a must to have computer skills these days, and we strive to give our kids everything they need to succeed in life. The kids go in groups of six where Miss Lucy spends time teaching them how to use the computer. We have six desktop computers in our computer lab. Unfortunately, two of them have been refusing to boot, so we have had to make a few class adjustments for now. Hurry home Tray! If you know anyone who would like to donate or purchase a computer for our computer lab, please let us know. It would be a great blessing.

One of our kids, Evans, has been feeling sick since last Friday. On Wednesday we had to admit him to the hospital. During our weekly Chapel time we joined together in prayer for Evans. It was wonderful to see many of the children praying for him. I’m happy to report that Evans was released from the hospital on Thursday afternoon and doing much better. Thank you Jesus!

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