Thanksgiving, Stretching and Challenge

Dear Friends and Family,

Greetings from Nairobi on the day after Thanksgiving… We are just about to sit down to a thanksgiving dinner a day late. Here, we have to set our own American holidays… We are thinking of all our blessings as we look forward to another year of challenge and building at Kings Kids Village. God has blessed us with a large personal family of nine kids and growing.. Peter and Paul each married adding two beautiful (and I mean beauuuuutiful) daughters to our fold. We also end the year with 33 kids at the Village and 20 staff who work together to care for our Kings Kids. All of the credit goes to God, who is the author and maker of all things and beings, who authored the very idea of Kings Kids Village in the heart of my parents 58 years ago. He is truly worthy of all praise and credit for the miracles that are Kings Kids Village. He helped us pay off and demolish over $22,000 in hospital debt for Bancy (one of our aunties in the Village). He also has provided for a replacement van for our old faithful van after over 200,000 rough Kenyan road miles on it… He also provided for all the hospital bills incurred for our kids, largest being that of Hellen, who had sugery on her leg in September… He is faithful and will ever be so…

It is also to Him that we look as we move forward to look after these dear children at Kings Kids Village. We are looking at the purchase of yet another van or bus early next year to provide transportation for all of our kings kids to get to church on sundays and outings during the week. Also, next year we are looking to begin construction on a Second apartment complex to double our capacity. Also, we are believing for more property to build a proper school for our kids… Each one of these projects will take a large amount of finance and (more importantly) favor from the Lord and with people in government and land owners in the area…

He is God of the impossible… Luk 1:36-37 MSG “And did you know that your cousin Elizabeth conceived a son, old as she is? Everyone called her barren, and here she is six months’ pregnant! (37) Nothing, you see, is impossible with God.” If God could open the womb of an elderly lady who had been preveiously barren anyway, could cause Mary to concieve without having had relations with a man, then what is a van, a bus, a piece of property, and the monthly income to provide for all our kids??? It is right in keeping with His speciality… miracles…

God bless you during this miraculous season… Jon and Molly Stern

  • Sam

    i just wanted to encouraged you guys becaus you are raising the next generaration of God and when those KINGS KIDS grow they shall fulfill there purpose in life .For example christen and lydia have really challenged my life by the way they live theirs and for that i got out my comfort zone because they potrayed to me what it means to live for gos purpose by going for missions,and i heard thay are forming a band and told them that honestly yhey will be the next barlow girls from kenya .i want to take these opportunity to thank you guys for making you realising something so important.when i start a businessishall support your band God willing! you guys love rock so what bands do you like? mine is switchfoot to start with and you ? see yaaah!!!!!!!!!!

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