Pray for Kenya

Our beloved family and friends,

Well, this is Tuesday night in Nairobi and we haven’t written an update in awhile – we had to go looking for phone credit as we had run out and couldn’t use the email. It is very crazy around here and I wish I could be optimistic……OF COURSE< we have FAITH, but it is in things NOT SEEN. Pray for Kenya!!! is all we can plea. Thursday there will be another big meeting that will determine much. Raila Odinga has called his followers - at least a million - to march to Nairobi center to see him inagurated as "the People's President" He's stated, plublicly on TV, that he will set up a "parallel government". The country is truly divided. The violence is terrible and most of it is tribal (as Raila is Luo and Kibaki, Kikuyu) I know you've been following the news on the election - there definitely was some cheating going on in the tallying, but it wasn't ONE sided.......both sides did not do things properly.......and neither side is handling things well.......Kibaki was sworn in quickly, as if that would make all things all right and "over".....but it only made the violence worse.......and to make matters worse, he put a ban on all live media - so everyone is in the dark about what is really going on - it makes us all feel like we've gone back 10 years when the government controlled the media!!! ugh! Raila's call to "re-count" or "re-vote" would have been fine if he had handled it maturely and calmly and legally, but no, he has caused such civil disobedience and unrest that it will be a miracle to ever see true "unity"'s like a huge crack has gone right down the middle of the country - we are all praying that GOD in His mercy will heal it miraculously. It is the saddest thing I have experienced/witnessed since we've been here. The atmosphere is ripe for civil war and we are literally crying out to God for divine intervention. Our folks in Huruma are "house bound" (by curfew and fear) and there is little food in that area.......what they can find the prices are hiked) People are hoarding, transport is shut down - most of the buses and matatus are owned by Kikuyus, so when they go out on the road, they are stoned or burned. Petrol is beginning to be scarce because there isn't business moving up Mombasa Road......even Uganda is effected because much of it's goods and all of the fuel comes via Kenya...... we are hoping that the banks will be opened tomorrow and that there won't be a "run" on the banks like there has been hoarding in the stores!!! but it seems that is what will happen......we also hope to get some money tomorrow - everyone is fearing what will happen on Thursday and thereafter and want to be prepared. The worst of what is happening, of course, is the terrible loss of life. Today, a church (an AG church) in Eldoret was burned down, killing 200 people, mostly women and children who were taking refuge there from the violence. The violence is random also......hard to figure where to be.......if you are a Luo in the wrong place, then you are a target.......or if you are a Kikuyu in the wrong place, then you are a target - or if you have a mate of one of those tribes then you are a's really crazy. We were on the phone quite a bit today with several from the Eldoret area - one of our Mom's (Janet) sisters lives there and she is feverish trying to figure out how to get out, as one of her neighbors was killed the day before yesterday. Someone else called and asked if we knew anyone who could help their friends get out of there - a German guy who is married to a Kikuyu lady, they are being harrassed and want to get out. .....but not sure how....and on it goes. All that to say - we need your prayers. It is only God who can help us. Our family is at peace, just a bit stir crazy - we have NOT personally seen any violence and for that we are thankful, especially for our children. We are so thankful for the compound here at KKV - it is such a refuge of peace it is amazing. BUT we do hurt for our many friends and employees who are quite personally effected. AND we are concerned for the future safety for the nation as a whole - this must stop, we pray. But we realize, also, that this thing has been boiling underneath the surface of our dear Kenya for many many years...we have said for many years that the only thing that has kept Kenya from civil war is that Kenyan's are a praying will not be easy to heal, but WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!!! WE BELIEVE!!! Prayers for us personally are also coveted..........some are asking us if we will flee the country if civil war breaks out......we must pray and seek God's face and know His will.......both for our family and for KKV. I know it sounds crazy, but we have so much peace. But we do want to do the right thing where all is concerned......we so appreciate your love and concern......and remember, your Wednesday night is our Thursday morning - so if you are in services Wed night, that is a perfect time to pray!!
Much love,
The Jon Stern fam

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