Kenya – This is the year of opportunity

Dear Friends and family,

I am sure that nobody who knows about us is ignorant about what is happening in Kenya since Dec. 27th elections 2007. As I write, the governing party and the opposition are at an impasse in even desiring a solution to the matter. Things don’t look bright on that front. We need everyone who is a praying person to pray for the nation. Our purpose as Kings Kids Village is to shine the Light of Christ into the darkness of of the world around us.

Why, then, do we call 2008 a year of opportunity? Because light shines best in darkness. If light is indeed more powerful than darkness; than we should shine farther and brighter than ever and make more of a difference than ever…

The other thing that our faith tells us is that God is in control. I don’t mean that God is a dictator and takes matters into His own hands. In this age of grace, He is directs the affairs of the nations by speaking His truth to the nation through His body, the church. He could step in and solve problems with His power. He has the moral right to rule by impunity, but, for the most part, He chooses not to. He retains the right of judgment over the nations. He does not give the Church that right, except when it speaks on His behalf. He says that vengeance belongs to Him, and that He will repay all injustice. He chooses when and who…

The atmosphere in politically charged and we find ourselves as foreigners having to walk on egg shells as we talk with our friends and staff. We are seeing it as an opportunity to pour in comfort and God’s Word regarding unity within the church. Please pray for our staff that they will be a good example to all who they come into contact with of a Christ-like attitude… That would be a great opportunity to model His grace to the nation of Kenya.

Thanks for your continued prayer…

  • Histories Ambassadors

    I was blessed to finally stumble across your web-page and rejoice with you at the wonderful things God has done, and is doing for you there in Kenya. I have bookmarked it and will be praying for your work there. May God richly bless you and your family and ministry.

    Thomas & Claudia Malone Arizona, USA

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