Milestones and Opportunities

Dear Friends,

It has been since January since we updated the blog. So many things have happened that have kept us off-line for so long. Our Internet has been shaky at best until recently, we got a reliable and affordable service (for here anyway).

This has been a week of milestones at Stern household. Lydia turned 19 years old. She is a young lady now and is seeking the Lord about which way to go with her education. She is bright and wants to study medicine. Also, today, Peter turns 24 years old and is well on his way in life. He is presently studying communications for his masters degree at Regent University in Virginia. These two birthdays tell us a couple things about time. For one, it does not stop. Two, it goes faster as the kids get older…

Yesterday we learned of the heavenly promotion of Molly’s mom, Mary Hensold. She is a saint and a super-mom to us for many years. What a great heritage we have to draw from. I say she is, because our living hope is that Christ takes us to heaven when we have accepted His free gift of salvation. Mom did that in the early 1970’s and has never looked back. Sadly it was the long term effects of a pre-salvation smoking habit that caused her such suffering in her later years. She is now breathing well and free. I will write more this week about her legacy and character as we remember her earthy life. At least one of us will go to represent us at her memorial later this week.

Kings Kids Village now has thirty four children in four fully operational apartments. Our Newest one came to us during the unrest at the beginning of the year. Our needs grow almost monthly with the demand to keep up with their educational needs. Our next project will have to be or at least include the building of a new, more permanent and larger educational building. I will write more on that during the course of this week.

Glad to be back on-line, Jon

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