No Greater Love

We are having some great times at KKV reminiscing about Grandma Hensold and her legacy. Every evening so far, we have followed the Kenyan tradition of Matanga, sort of like a Wake in the Midwest of the US. Last evening while praying together I was reminded of a verse of scripture which says, *”No one has greater love than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” *(John 15:13 MKJV).

Mom (and Dad) have literally laid down their lives for a continent and a country by releasing and
supporting Molly and me as missionaries to Kenya since 1984. I tend to think of that verse in the light of someone dying for someone else, like Jesus did for us. Yet, in a very real sense, Mom died to her desires of having Molly and our family close by rather than living almost half way around the world. Not only did they let us go, they did it with great enthusiasm and interest in the work and people the Lord called us to in Kenya. Mom and Dad have loved Africa through us as well as in their own right. They have sown into the lives of all but one of our house parents at Kings Kids Village. Mom is greatly missed by those here who knew her even here in Kenya, because she gave into their lives, their education, children and ministries. She gave into our ministry and helped with our children’s education. Her investment into a far away place is complete… She gave it all and to the end of her days on earth… Surely she has an incredible reward awaiting her in heaven. Help yourself to your just reward, Mom! And wait a bit and we’ll be along to enjoy it with you… Jon

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