April 2008 Last Sunday at City Stadium


Nairobi Lighthouse Church, the church we are linked to here in Nairobi, worshipped every Sunday for 13 years in a soccer stadium. That era has come to an end as the stadium was closed for renovation in preparation for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. It will be used as a practice field for World Cup Teams on their way down south. Enjoy these images that will remain forever etched in our memories..
It was a great day of worship and afterward a picnic on the field. What fun we had as we remembered the goodness of the Lord to all of us…

Following the picnic we had some fun games, including Tug of War…
Of course, we couldn’t celebrate our last time at the stadium without having a Jericho jog around the running track.
Our Dance worship team, led by our pastor’s daughter, dances with all their soul and might every day… There, they did it in the dust and mud, many times hitting the dirty track when the coriography called for it… They are awesome…
That Sunday, the Lord favored us with thirteen new converts at the end of the service… One for every year spent at the stadium… How cool is that???
Jon during pre-service prayer with the rest of the worship team. This last Sunday was casual dress. What fun!
As always, our KKV kids were there enjoying the festivities along with the rest of us… That was our day…

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