Christian Life Team 2007

Dear friends and family,It has been non-stop action since we touched down in Nairobi at 10:25 pm, Tuesday, 16th October. Not only had we left two of our family in the US (Molly and Christen), our team from Rantoul, Illinois arrived an hour before we did… The team of ten from Christian Life Church, as a church, sponsors a whole apartment within Kings Kids Village. What a blessing to us and to the kids they are… We not only had some very special times with the kids, we also had a chance to share from our hearts as the team heard and observed with their eyes, the miracle that is Kings Kids Village.We also got to go on Safari together and show them a part of our beloved host country. Our safari included Amboselli National Reserve at the foot of Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tsavo West National Part, with its beautiful vistas and animals and finally, Mombasa, where we served for three years when we first came to Kenya in 1984. The Lord even threw in an added benefit of passing through our beloved town of Machakos, where we served for five years.You see, this team is special to us. They represented to us a church that has faithfully supported us for the whole time we have been in Kenya. Not only that… They have taken on the task of raising their support for the Village as they look for more sponsors for each of their children.

Thanks to God for His faithful servants and people… We love you, Christian Life Church and Pastor John and Barb Bonacorsi…

Jon and Molly in Nairobi

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