Our bright and advancing High School seniors at KKV

We continue to prepare and pray for our Kings Kids Village students who are taking national exams. To the left, you see (top left to right) Jimmy, Alex, Sammy, Miguel, Davis, Cynthia, and bottom, Rachel, Hellen, and Julius.

This is the High School class who will sit for exams for the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education during the entire month of November. The subjects they are sitting for are Math, Chemistry, Business, History/Government, Biology, Swahili, and English. They must go to an examination center each time, and most of the subjects have two different papers, taking about 2 – 2/12 hours to complete. You can imagine that they would be a bit intimidated and nervous about it all. They would truly appreciate your prayers. Our job these days is lots of reviewing and lots of encouragement!!

To the right, you see the KCPE class (Kenya Certificate of Primary Education). Their exam is the last week of October and is 5 days long. They are also quite nervous and need prayers! From front to back you see Nancy, Julian, Catherine (from Rehema Home), Titus, Timothy (Rehema Home), Alex, Faith, Mercy, Evans, Julius, Joseph, Joel, Sheldon (Rehema Home), and Matthew.

Along with your prayers for the kids, please remember the Nation of Kenya. The political atmosphere is not helping ordinary Kenyans get on with life. Please pray for peace to reign in the nation as well as in the hearts of all our kids.

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