KKV Life and Kenyan Elections

Kenyans have been praying for peace, justice and mercy up to and during Kenya’s national elections held last week. Election season also tends to bring with it a change of pace as many people head out of the city to vote in their ancestral home areas and many businesses close up, hoping for the best,  but preparing for the worst.

The pace of life at KKV has shifted as a result and we have been looking for ways to keep our kids busy with other things than sitting and watching politics on tv. Molly organized setting up our volleyball net and we got a basketball hoop set up as well. Also, every day last week, we got together at the pavilion in obedience to Ephesians 4:6,7. It commands us to… 1. Not worry about anything. 2. Pray about everything. 3. Thank the Lord for all He has already done. So, we have taken the noon hour each day to praise, worship, thank the Lord, declaring His lordship over the affairs of the Nations. It has really made a difference in all of us.

Then, today, we had a special treat. We had some visitors, a Nigerian, a Ghanaian and a Pakistani. All three are seasoned ministers of the Gospel and all three ministered to us in a chapel service this morning.

If you want to help us in this election season, do what we are doing…  Don’t worry about Kenya! Keep praying for Kenya! Thank the Lord for Kenya! “…and the peace that passes all understanding will keep your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.”

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