Kings Kids Village / JBloom jewelry – A win – win deal

We have exciting news to share with you all. JBloom jewelry designers are partnering with us to promote Kenyan made jewelry and financially support Kings Kids Village. The founders of JBloom, Jennifer and Bret Bonacorsi have been family friends of ours since the 1970’s. Bret’s dad, John and Jon Stern received their ordination into the full time ministry at the same time in 1986. Since then, they have been big time supporters of our mission work in Kenya and more recently at Kings Kids Village.

They launched the product this past weekend and after just two days of sales, they are now the 2nd and fifth most popular sales. This not only benefits our children’s home here in Kenya, but provides an outlet for the sale of custom Kenyan made jewelry. It is a win win deal.

If you would like to help us out as you buy jewelry, check out JBloom at

Thanks and God bless you for your generosity. Jon and Molly Stern – Kings Kids Village


  • Ruth Cox

    Looking forward to hearing all the news of kings kids village.Especially concerning My Gloria.Could you advice me regarding being a sponsor for the children
    God Bless you in all you are doing for these precious children and for the Kingdom x

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