Chicken Project is Coming

We are very excited to report that construction on our Chicken house is almost finished and should provide enough space to raise 350 broilers at a go.  Even though this project has been an uphill climb, we are hoping to be ready to bring in our first group of chicks before the end of the year. We had in mind a much  bigger operation (1200 to 1500 broilers), but had some mis-communication with our contractor, which resulted in a smaller building than we had envisioned. Regardless of these challenges, we are believing that this pilot project will still serve our purpose of learning the operations well enough to expand. We still have a vision to one day have a large enough operation to support our entire monthly budget. We are thankful for The Jonaron Foundation in Malaysia for their grant for the construction of the building and for bearing with our learning process. Thanks to all of you who gave as well to this operation. We are grateful for your support.

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