A Christmas Greeting from Eleanor (Grandma) Stern

Dear Family and Friends,

I am doing fine. Life is different living in America again. Our church in Lincoln is celebrating Christmas by having a big international banquet. We have several nationalities that attend the church, so its so fun to get to taste all the food from the different places. I miss everyone in Kenya, but I know that they are all doing well. My greatest desire is to wish everyone REAL joy at this Christmas time. People get so burdened with all the things involved with Christmas, that they don’t take the time to enjoy what it’s all about. Christmas is not about Santa Clause, it is about Jesus! I would like to tell all of you that you should enjoy the fact that Jesus was born, and what His birth means to you. We can be free from sin

because Jesus was born to save us. So have a joyous Christmas with Jesus.

Eleanor Stern – Encouragers Unlimited

Clark Jeary Retirement Community,  8401 33rd St. #136 Lincoln, NE 68516

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