On Air over Adoption

This past week has afforded Molly and I the privilege of being hosted on a Christian radio talk show here in Nairobi to explore the subject of having a passion for adoption.Adoption is something we obviously feel very strongly about, having done it ourselves. I know we are known to many people as being passionate about orphans and orphanages. That is true… but this week for us has brought into renewed focus the very reason we got into orphanage ministry in the first place.
It all started for us when we were sent to a borderline slum area in Nairobi to plant a church in January, 2000. The HIV/AIDS endemic hit us in the face as it were and we were forced by that to seriously pray and think about what we could do to join the army of people who are working to relieve the suffering of a sub continent… It didn’t take us long to be overwhelmed by the immensity of the pandemic. So we booked an appointment with a senior official in the Department of Children’s Services of the Kenya Government to ask her from her perspective how we could best help address this need and suffering. Her answer was immediate and challenging. She said that if we really wanted to help the situation in the long run the best option is to adopt a child. Her reasoning was this: Since there were at that time 1.3 Million orphans in Kenya and the total number of orphans being cared for in orphanages was only approximately 25,000, the only conceivable way to stem the tide was to change the culture of Kenya to be one of accepting and embracing adoption on a massive scale. Our influence by adopting would perhaps serve as a catalyst for cultural change one day… So we adopted twins in 2002… And that is why we were also excited to be on air talking about adoption to a Kenyan, mainly Christian audience.
If you have any questions about adopting a child either as a Kenyan or as a foreigner, please refer to the information we have posted on the right hand side of the blog. There is enough information for you to get started in the pursuit that may one day revolutionize the nation. May if be so, in Jesus’ Name.

Also, many thanks to Anne Mbotela, the presenter who hosted us… You’re the best!

Jon and Molly

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