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Dear Friends,

We are excited about our new friends who are joining everyday and learning more about us and how to connect with what we are doing here in Nairobi… If you have not joined the “Friends of KKV” Facebook group yet, do so today.
Freinds of KKV is an existing “Club”, a grass-roots movment that started locally in Niarobi with the expressed purpose of making KKV 80% locally funded by the year 2018. By puting ownership of the group on Facebook, we are extending the invitation to people accoss the globe to give a little each month to see these orphans raised up to succeed in life. The idea of many people giving as little as one US Dollar a month is entirely possible when you use a social networking environment like Facebook.
Facebooking is really in here in Nairobi these days. It’s a generational thing… Pictured is our Chrissy, multi-tasking as she Facebooks…
So, lets make this thing happen. If you would like to give a
few Dollars a month, let us know and we’ll give you options accoring to what part of the world you live in.
Thanks in advance for standing with us and the orphans under our care.
Jon and Molly Stern
Kings Kids Village

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