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Dear Friends of KKV,

It has been a while since I updated our blog. We have been wanting to get a new website up and running and that has taken longer than expected. So we have been silent, but busy…

I have been busy working in the community along side the Department of Children’s Services. I have been invited to be a part of a committee called the Locational Area Advisory Council. As a council we are empowered to represent the government to our neighborhood and to help awareness and the enactment of children’s rights in our area. In short we are enabled to be our brother’s keeper in regards to the safety and well being of our children.
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One of the most rewarding things about serving in this council is the ability to get to know the other Charitable Children’s Institutions (CCI)s in our neighborhood. What a joy it is to see others who are much less funded than KKV doing a great job out of a passion to help kids in crisis. In getting to know, we also get the opportunity to come along side and help where we can in little ways and in big ways as the Lord provides.

One of the little ways we have helped a nearby baby home is to make a sign board for the home. The sign is not only one of the requirements for registering the home, but also aids in creating awareness in the community about the home.

We hope this little gesture will go a long way in creating neighborhood support for the brave and caring Mom (Jane) a teacher who opened the home two years ago because she got a reputation for not being able to turn away children abandoned at the school where she teaches.

This coming Sunday is the official launching of the home and we hope to surprise her with this sign for her front gate… Shhhh! Don’t let the secret out!!!

Jon and Molly

  • Vitz

    I love the sign!!!! you have done a great job on that!!!…She'll love it!!!

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