Lydia and Jon Travel to USA

Well, the time has come for Lydia to fly… She is now heading for Danville, IL USA to begin her studies. Jon is accompanying her Stateside during the Christmas holidays where she will settle in for a season with her Grandpa Hensold (pictured), who, by the way, is visiting us in Kenya for the holidays with Jon’s folks.

 Her transition into adulthood leaves a big gap in the nest… We will miss her very much. She has grown up to be a real jewel… has a great capacity to love and to help, which has grown a lot in her last two years of service here at Kings Kids Village. She has helped out in many aspects of the home…  helped parents in the home with various duties, helped drive and has even served in worship leading and sound…  She wants to channel all that energy into a career in a medical profession of some kind. She is starting by taking some courses at the Danville Area Community College… From there, the possibilities are almost endless. Lydia, we love you and believe you have an incredible life of service ahead of you… Go for it, girl!!!

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