Our Next KKV Project

Plans will be underway in the new year to begin construction on an educational facility at Kings Kids Village.

  It will be called the Mary Hensold Educational Resource Center in honor of Molly’s mom who gave so much of her life for Kings Kids Village and to us for the last 25 years here in Kenya…

 She went home to be with the  Lord in May of 2008. Upon her death a memorial fund was started to help finance the building of the complex and so far we have gathered about $35,000.  We are really excited about this project as it will be the first building constructed since Faith House in 2003—2004. It will meet the growing demand for class-room space here at Kings Kids Village School. It will also pave the way for us to expand our vision of Christian education for the surrounding community.  It is hard to say just when construction will begin……. that depends  on building permits and how soon we can acquire more cash for the project. We would like to have at least $50,000 to start with. It could take off as early as March, 2009.   THANKS for all of you who have already given so generously—what a joy it is build in honor of our  MOM!!


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