Holy Spirit Poured out at KKV

January 2009 will be remembered for many things.. It was the time when many changes happened in the political world. For me it was a time to get our oldest daughter, Lydia, settled into college in our home town in the USA. At Kings Kids Village it will be remembered as the time when our kings kids had an encounter with the Holy Spirit. We have been praying for a new level of hunger for the Lord and Dad and Mom Stern sensed it immediately when they arrived. So, for the three weeks of January since we opened the new year of school, they have been teaching our kids about the Holy Spirit and then paying hands on them to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. The response has been outstanding especially among our older kids. To God be the glory for His ever present gifts.
This has happened during our annual time of prayer and fasting at NLC. One of the weekly events we have had each friday during this season of fasting is a 2 hour time of worship. We have taken our older KKV kids to these meetings each of the three weeks. It has been a great join in seeing out kids entering in… What a beautiful testemony of God’s wonderful gift of the Holy Spirit. Last night, (Friday Jan. 30th), one of our younger KKV kids kept on beggin Molly to let her join the older kids. Molly finally gave in and then during the time, glanced over at her only to see her with her hands straight up in the air, lost in God’s presence… It made Molly cry. What an incredible blessing.

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