Drip, Drip, Drip

I have to say that in nine times out of ten the sound of dripping water would be quite annoying. Today is just the opposite. It is a cause for rejoicing! For the last five days we have been unable to pump water from our bore hole. KPLC (our electricity supplier) had a problem with a transformer in our area. We were not getting sufficient power to run the pump. After many prayers, persistent phone calls and occasional temporary (I hope) insanity, it was finally repaired properly last night. It has been a blessing to see how all of us could work together as a team to get through this crisis. Could it be time to go solar?

We are also very excited that Grandpa Hensold has returned for a visit. It’s great to see the joy on the kids face to see him again. We are also blessed to have two volunteers join us for a season. Welcome Libby and Emily! They are volunteering in the school and wherever else they are needed.

We also want to welcome Dan back to work. He was the guard who was injured during the break-in last October.  We thank God for Dan’s courage, for God sparing his life, and for his recovery.

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